Conducting Bacteria Evolve In The Lab

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inteligent lab During the experiments, plenty of the bacteria experienced a genetic change that enhanced their ability to transfer electrons between cells.

This single deletion had a dramatic effect.

Researchers observed the deletion of a single base pair on a particular regulatory gene. This regulates another gene named OmcS, that codes for a protein used to build pili, the bacteria’s tiny electron transfer bridges. Research published in the December 3 Science issue found that in the presence of oxygen, these bacteria live independently among a mix of many others. Of course certain species partnered up in an unique way, when oxygen is in short supply and organic molecules are not. Authors’ claim that enhanced OmcS resulted from a mutation that nature selected was not justified by the data. Needless to say, did it really happen randomly, as mutations are often portrayed as occurring, nonetheless the study’s authors referred to this gene change as a mutation. Whenever enabling all the cultures to very similar place in all nine replicated experiments.