Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence

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It was foretold that in the days of increased knowledge wisdom will flee.

Today in the information age where perhaps 90 percent of all scientists ever born are alive today.

True wisdom is exceedingly rare in civil or political societies. Every man or woman of note claim to work for the betterment of mankind and things continue into an ever-tightening death spiral. Remember, most knowledge had to be learned of your personal accord and from those who were great teachers. Rarely in this modern day do you see writings anywhere nearly as well thought out or as eloquently written. Eventually, you can go back and simply read the constitution and see that the men that composed it were of near genius level intelligence. Go back farther to time of Da Vinci, Plato, etcetera Those people were extremely intelligent in a time when ready information was sparse. Their parents were never around and they did not care.. I’m almost sure I take no credit for them.

human inteligence Maybe that is the key here, some individuals shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

In a free society, they’re the custodians of natural selection.

The apex was probably between 1450 and 1650 and we’ve been sliding downward ever since. With the sun and the planets orbiting around it, Harvards next paper will show that the Earth is the center of the universe. However, humans have created machines to do much of their memory storage and computation in life. Basically, we have created medicines that fight off infections and disease rather than letting the our biological system evolve and adapt. We have not used our successes and advancements smartly. Besides, if you are not part of the human race, facts are facts. Anyways, we are hindering our own development and sustainability. IQ’s are falling. Wow was the first time I had a post delayed for moderation that was ever moderated and posted. The rate at which this smart species is reproducing and expanding at the expense of all other life on our planet is unsustainable, selfish, arrogant, ignorant, foolhardy, and ultimately selfdestructing.

Human Intelligence is no joke. There are still tons of job positions that robotics and artificial intelligence are unable to replace the human factor even in information era. Let me ask you something. Are we really an intelligent species when we are hellbent on callously and recklessly destroying the other assumingly nonintelligent species on this planet and the ecosystems upon which all species depend?


After we have first destroyed untold thousands of other species of life and the supporting ecosystems upon which all life on earth depends, if we are the first intelligent species to evolve, we will also be the first to ‘self destruct’.

Today, we are surrounded by plenty of the brightest people in our history. Evolution, technology, global segmentation of skills has made us lazy. Smart, moral families with values are being out bred and in a few generations it should be impossible to recover. My statements are not personal toward you and your family, So it’s just the facts. The averages tell the tale of our sad state of decline and the rise of violent conquest. Just think 20 years ago exactly how many phone numbers and addresses it’s a fraction of that now. Generally, the barbarian heathens will win by using the modern devices and transportation that the intelligent hard working people have provided. Intelligence is the ability to use what knowledge you have and the ability to extrapolate from that. On top of this, the higher a star’s mass, the shorter its lifetime. Stars larger than about three times the sun’s mass will expire before life has a chance to evolve. They often conduct science to prove their own opinions of the universe valid, and ignore anything that does not match their preconceived ideas of how the universe should behave. human inteligence Wise and fool are opposites. We have foolish geniuses in that they do not know the limits of their intellect. He will present a powerful case for being the savior of the human race.eloquent, brilliant, masterful in manipulation. The carismatic leader that emerges to form the world governemnt should be unlike anything the world has seen, however, in his powers to convince and control the forces in play. Have you heard about something like that before? The world government of deception that emerges to contain the chaos will appear to offer all the answers and promise everything the barbaric heathens believe they look for.

This is already occurring. We are not the highest power involved in the history and future of our planet and race. Interesting that the scenario you present fits right in with that of Biblical prophecy. The deevolution and barbarism will increase and eventually attempt to convert or destroy those who refuse to cede their values and self determination. While drizzling down slowly between her bare breasts, Killery striving to fight off a wolf dressed in nothing other than a buck skin thong, covered with slippery mud.

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